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A whole mess of things.

I have failed at being productive lately. But there's a lot in my head.

Scattering a lot of thoughts out into the wind here...

-I've read the final volume of Scott Pilgrim like, 3 times now. What strikes me the most about it is how it's the fastest of the volumes, the plot just zooms along as bombs are dropped and loose ends are tied. I also love how the Osamu Tezuka influence that was creeping in around volumes 4 and 5 is in full force here, with a bit of Go Nagai there when Scott goes after Gideon in subspace. Those two are like the Will Eisner and Jack Kirby of manga, man.

-Bought Gamer on Sunday and watched it last night. It got crap reviews, probably rightfully so, but it blew my mind and I loved every adrenaline-drenched second of it. Especially the real-life version of Second Life, Michael C. Hall being awesome, and just the decadent weirdness of it all.

-Also finally bought and read the Deadbeat, written and illustrated by Jeremy Massie, and found it heartwrenching. It's incredibly good, very well done. And I work with the dude!

-Tonight I watched a 1973 Japanese animated arthouse film thing called Belladonna of Sadness, after reading about it on Coilhouse. I watched it without subtitles. Very beautiful, especially the watercolors, and there's a huge Gustav Klimt influence, as well as Aubrey Beardsley and other art nouveau folks, but about halfway through it's like the animators took acid and started drawing porn filtered through the Yellow Submarine. Not that I understood the plot very much before this kicked in, but afterwards I was just supremely lost and uncomfortable. I want to watch it again, just not alone, but I doubt anyone I know would be mad enough to watch it with me, especially after seeing the trailer.

-Finishing up the inking of a two-page comic about David and I encountering this guy we graduated with in Wal Mart one night that we met up after work last week. Not sure I'm getting across with it what I wanted to get across, and heck, I'm not sure if there's any real MEANING to any of it, but you know, it's keeping me in practice. Sort of.

-My friends are going to see Patton Oswalt live tomorrow in Asheville, but I must work. LAME.

On that note, I should go to bed. GOODNIGHT.


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