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She's a heathen child!


First week of the semester is OVER! Complete! Done! I now have my footing and I must buckle down and get ready to blow stuff up!

I've got an independent study going, meaning no class meeting, just working when I can. I had to sit down and figure out what I want to do, and I kind of decided it on the fly, but the more I think about it, the more excited I get. Thematically, I'm going all biomechanical, body horror, crazy surreal ugly things. We have HR Giger, David Cronenburg, Shinya Tsukamoto, and that dude who wrote Antibodies (a favorite novel of mine) to blame. I'm gonna be wildly experimental, and it'll be Photoshop plus collage plus anything else I can think to include, and it's gonna be AWESOME.

I hope.

My first handful of assignments in Studio Photography involve photographing models under certain kinds of lighting, and I'm wracking my brain for ideas. Do I revisit some of the ideas I explored in Black Hole Ghost? What about a mummy? Something post-apocalyptic? I have no idea. I'm at a complete loss. I know a few people I'd LOVE to photograph, but I don't know what I'd do that's interesting, you know?

Our first illustration assignment is this: "Some of my best friends are hominids." Yes, hominids, as Google Image Search will handily illustrate:

I'll post my idea once it's done. Got some work to do.

And Package Design? I did this:

Um, yeah.

I also am taking Spanish. Urg.

Everyone is at Dragon*Con this weekend. My roommate, a number of friends, and a co-worker friend. I have no one to really hang with, and so I will be playing a lot of the Scott Pilgrim game and Metroid: Other M in order to stave off the loneliness until the inevitable return.

The Scott Pilgrim, despite its glitches and the occasional locking-up, is pretty much perfect, by the way. Listening to its soundtrack on campus makes me want to wander around and beat up frat boys.

Metroid: Other M? Less than an hour in, and I'm not quite sold on it yet. It's so unlike any other Metroid game that it kind of hurts. And the voice acting itself hurts a lot. Yeah...

So. Lots of stuff to do, and here I am writing a dumb blog. Off we go!


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