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A few more bizarre things

Remember how I said the Asheville Comic Expo was my final show of the year as an artist? I lied. Sort of.

It was still my final comic convention of the year, but I’m doing a couple more things. First, next Thursday, December 3rd, I’ll be at NSFW Open Mic Comedy in Johnson City! I was invited by the host, Jessica Lane, to set up along with another artist, Beverly Gildemeister. I’ll just be selling prints and minicomics there, I think. Not performing, nope. Haven’t done that since the Secrets Society shows last year, and I don’t miss that particular flavor of anxiety.

Two days later, on December 5th is a local art show called the Holiday Bizarre:
Joe Culp and his wife Hannah roped me into it, and I’m kind of excited to do something that isn’t strictly related to comics. Most of the 14 other artists exhibiting are fine artists, photographers, and sculptors, not comic creators. Which means I probably don’t quite fit in with my comics work, but from what I gather, the FRAG group that’s putting this together is a bunch of artists in the area whose own work doesn’t quite fit your traditional gallery setting either. That’s pretty cool. Plus, hey, booze and Krampus. I’m into that.

Hopefully it’ll be a good turnout and I’ll sell some stuff. The show is invitation only, so here’s the Facebook event if you want to RSVP and get on the guest list. If that doesn't work, use the email or phone number on the flyer and get in touch!
I made this last minute decision that I wanted to do something new for the show, so in roughly a week I put together a mutant themed coloring book called the NATION MUTATION COLORING ZINE. Aside from the cover, it’s all new mutant drawings drawn in that 6 day fever. That's a dummy copy above. I probably pushed myself a little too hard to do so much in such a small span of time, but I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s 16 pages plus a colorable cover, all printed on cardstock, and I plan on personally coloring/defacing parts of the front and/or back of every copy. Here’s a random page out of it:

Also, last week, after so many days of ugly news and ugly behavior on social media, I drew a grumpy Godzilla head. One thing led to another, and I ended up with this:
I posted them as individual images on my art Tumblr, in case anyone wanted to use them as avatars or whatever. A couple prominent monster related Tumblrs (primarily kaijusaurus) got a hold of it, and it’s exploded in popularity. It’s finally tapered off at just over 650 notes. How insane is that? It never happens! Usually my work is lucky to get one or two notes, and I feel really special if it somehow hits the double digits, but over 600? Sheesh.

I know, I know, paying attention to how many people like and repost your art on social media is silly, but this is unprecedented and I’m just flabbergasted by how many people are responding favorably to my angry kaiju portraits. I have friends who want me to make shirts, stickers, and/or posters. I’ll probably do something like that, I’m just not sure what, and between the comedy show, art show, the holidays, and a few other things going on, I don’t have the time to figure out WHAT I’ll do.

I am drawing more, though. It’s a little too much fun. I ended up doing this one on Tuesday after seeing too many crappy racist news articles:
Other projects are happening. I’m starting to break ground on the next Slimepunk mini. I was going to get back into drawing Cannonball Fist last week, but the coloring zine took over. I did start writing a new chapter, at least. And…I may be working on something new that WON’T be a solo project. It’s too early to talk about that though.

Anyways, it’s looking like I’m ending the year in a much more active way than I’d anticipated and right now, I’m cool with it. I realize trying to take on so many things on such short notice after a hiatus that was prompted by exhaustion isn’t the best idea. I don’t want to burn out again so soon, so I’m going to take my time. Progress is progress, no matter how slow it may be.

I backed off from everything in order to take better care of myself, and I don’t really want to lose that and wind up miserable and dumb again. I’ll keep at it, and you should take care of yourselves too.

Right? Right. Back at it, then.

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