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A few more steps forward

HEY HEY GUESS WHAT'S THIS WEEKEND. HEROESCON IS THIS WEEKEND, BABY.Here's where I'll be, Table AA-627. On the site I'm listed at 626, but I'm swapping tables. Crazy, I know.

Here's what I'll have:
Copies of the first chapter of Other Sleep will be given away with any and all purchases. I'm also selling original pages and small sketches like this one of Mewtwo that I did this morning:
Following that, I'll be at the Johnson City Public Library's own free little comic convention next weekend. Here's the flyer they made for it. Look! My name is up top!
I'm giving a talk at 10:30 that morning. I'm still putting the talk together, but it will probably be about my process for working on Cannonball Fist.

The original plan was that after this, July would be a slow, easy month where I wouldn't have anything to do, but nope, nope, not happening. On July 8th I think I'll be teaching a class on making mutant self portraits at the summer camp program that the William King Museum is putting on. You can find my teacher profile here.

Speaking of that museum, I'm taking a chance and submitting a portfolio to their From These Hills exhibition for later this year. I'm going to try to come up with some new work to submit, maybe connected to Reflected Gaze or that horror comic project I'd kind of sort of abandoned.

Oh, and speaking of Reflected Gaze, a new comic went up last week about my friend Diana. Go read it. And my friend Andy Ross contributed an article! Read it too!

I also found time to put together this Gamera Vs Zigra piece which I'm submitting to this fanzine called Gamera Vs Zine-Ra, celebrating the big turtle's 50th anniversary.
There may or may not be another thing I'll be doing in July. Not 100% sure yet. Fingers crossed.

And, um, that's it for now. I've got like, a dozen things to do before we leave for Charlotte on Thursday and I'm just kind of wasting my time typing this. OKAY BYE


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