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Current status

I feel like I’ve turned a corner and I’m beginning to enter a new phase of life as an artist.

God, that sounds dramatic.

I didn’t do much of a post-mortem on this year’s October Game because of how exhausted I was, but it’s been about a week now, we’re approaching the end of the year, and I’m trying to get a good perspective on where I am with things. I think, artistically, it was a huge success, with only a few duds. I proved to be pretty versatile with different tools, and cranked out some good work that’s not the kind of thing most people are used to seeing me do, and I've managed to sell a few pieces too!

…Well that wasn’t much. I was going to try to make a big post out of this. I guess, with it being the fourth year that I’ve done some daily art challenge in October, it’s no longer a big deal to me. I've always managed to pull it off, and it's always pretty satisfying, but not quite the big celebration it was the first year.

 …So now what?

 I planned on taking the week to just relax and be lazy, but I’m still keeping busy even with my sinuses repeatedly trying to knock me out. I let a lot of adult responsibilities slide last month, so in just a couple days I cleaned my apartment, made a credit card payment, reserved a hotel for our stay in Florida at the end of the year, and scheduled an appointment to get the oil changed and tires rotated on my car. I did some spring cleaning on the website, updating the About page and removing a lot of old comics and art. I made a new banner featuring Slimepunk.
Oh, and I put my Slimepunk minicomic up on its own page for your reading enjoyment. Check it out!

I also crunched a lot of numbers, tallying up everything I sold last year (that I recorded, at any rate) along with everything I sold this year (which I did better keeping up with). I did 13 events last year, 11 this year. I made quite a bit more money last year, despite selling more comics, posters, and sketches this year. However, I also spent way more last year too, so this year I didn’t have quite as big a loss. What do I do with all this data now? I’m not sure yet.

I attended seven conventions this year, versus last year’s six (the other events were little local things). I paid for my table at four of them, and three of those were bummers, not even making back what I spent for the table. Every single con that I’d previously attended last year, I didn’t do as well this year. Again, even though I sold more comics, posters, and sketches altogether.

Which sounds weird, right? But the big reason for that odd difference lies with Other Sleep, last year‘s best selling comic. I sold more than half of the print run when I released it early in the year (having an art show at the William King Museum to debut it at helped), and that’s the big ticket item on my table when I do events. The number of copies I sold this year was significantly fewer. The biggest seller this year was the Slimepunk minicomic, which I’ve almost sold out, but I have to sell 8 or 9 of those just to match how much I make from one copy of Other Sleep.

Burst Reach 4 isn’t doing well at all, as I’ve only managed to get rid of about a quarter of its run after printing it last year. I just mailed off the final copy of Burst Reach 3 to a friend. I think I’m done with black and white minis for the foreseeable future.

I sold more posters altogether, but not a single one of those was the Cannonball Fist poster I made last year. Boss Rush hasn’t sold well this year or last, and I guess nobody wants the Spanish boxing robots from my repurposed Beat About poster, which breaks my heart. I’m not really sure what to do about these. I could give away the Cannonball Fist posters with copies of the comic, that may work.

The new thing I started doing this year which seems to have gone pretty well is selling pre-made character sketches. I sold about half of last year’s Inktober fan sketches, as well as a handful of others that people responded to. That’s definitely something to keep pushing, if nothing else, and not nearly as expensive as printing books and posters.

It’s already been decided that I’m doing fewer cons next year. My girlfriend and I were talking about how I should just go to Heroes as a fan instead of paying to get a table. I’m actually really excited about going to NC Comic Con for a day next weekend as a fan. I’m going to take a handful of books with me to show and hand out to other artists, but not being tethered to a table struggling to get people to buy things is going to be refreshing after three years of only attending cons as an artist.

I’ll probably just stick to doing local, cheaper cons in 2016, with an eye towards getting back out there in 2017 with better work under my belt.

I’m also trying to drum up more business online. Here’s an album of original art that I have for sale, including work from this year’s October Game. I’m working on sprucing up my Big Cartel and Gumroad shop pages, thinking about setting up at Society6, and Other Sleep is on ComiXology at last, with hopefully more to come in the future. I’m wanting to open up commissions too (gotta work on one tonight actually). There’s this desire to try to set up a Patreon, but I know my audience is way too small to try something like that at the moment, and I’d want to do a lot of research for it first as well.

So I guess the TL;DR of this is that I’m scaling back next year, at least as far as expenses and cons go. I’ll just focus on what’s important, making good art. I’m already itching to get back into making comics before too long, with plans in mind for getting back into Cannonball Fist and Reflected Gaze as well as putting out a new Slimepunk mini. More on those things as they develop, right? Right.

Okay, NOW I’ll relax.

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