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HeroesCon 2015 Report

I’m not quite sure what to make of this past weekend.
On the one hand, I always have fun at HeroesCon. I got to see some friends I don’t get to see too often. Michel Fiffe was back and I enjoyed the few minutes I got to talk with him again. I got to meet Eryk Donovan, whose work on the Super Mario Bros webcomic I colored last year. I had another incredibly sensual, awkward hug with Chip Zdarsky at the Brimper’s Meetup on Saturday night.
On the other hand, I went four days without playing Splatoon.
That was a joke. A really dumb one. Forget I said that.
But no, something felt…off all weekend. I’m not the only one who felt that way. Apparently a pretty large number of people in the artists alley did pretty poorly for most of the con. In the past, I’ve always done better each consecutive day of a multi-day con, so when things were slow on Friday I didn’t think too much of it. But Saturday I did even worse, which killed that streak. Sunday, things didn’t pick up too much for me either. All in all I just didn’t do as well as last year. 
I talked about it with a few people, and the general idea was that maybe it was the crowd. I hear attendance records were broken on Saturday, Stan Lee was there, but it seems people just weren’t buying anything. Ashley told me most of the big names that day had big lines for signing, even if they didn’t really have lines Friday or Sunday. It was when Neil Bramlette of Out of Step Arts mentioned to me that he and his artists were all selling more books than prints or anything else that I looked at what I was selling compared to last year, and realized something.
I didn’t keep the best records for last year’s show, but I recall doing more sketches and selling more posters than anything else, which seems par for the course at other shows. I often get discouraged that so few people buy my comics, given that I put so much more work into them and sell them for a pretty low price. At the same time, I do make more off of the posters and doing sketches, no question.
This past weekend I only did three sketches for people, all mutant portraits, all for people I know, one a day. I set up a little binder of sketches though, usually warm-ups and leftovers from last year’s Inktober, and I sold quite a few of those, more than at any other show I’ve done this year. Posters? I sold two in all.
I sold a pretty big number of comics, though. More than I sold at the three other shows I’ve done this year combined. I was also taking the handful of copies I had left of chapter 1 of Other Sleep and giving those out with any purchase, managing to get rid of them entirely. I don’t think I even have a copy to call my own anymore! Oops.
So yeah, it sucks that I didn’t do very good this year as far as making money goes. But it’s kind of cool to know that I sold a pretty good number of comics for once. I had a guy from last year return to tell me how much he loved Other Sleep, then bought a couple books and came back the next day to tell me he loved them, too. My comedian pal Hunter Roberts interviewed me for GonzoGeek. One of the better, stranger moments was when a guy came up and said “I’ve seen your work online before…do you know a guy named Chris Ready?” I’ve gushed about Chris and his blog Disaster Year 20XX quite a bit here before. He’s a good dude. Meeting someone who encountered my work because they saw him repost it on Twitter or Tumblr is amazing. 
Plus, I got to go to the Sea Life Aquarium again for free and we ate at Lang Van TWICE. Seriously. Lang Van. Their pho is the single greatest dish I have ever had. You will find no better food. Go to Charlotte, go to Lang Van, eat their pho. DO IT.
…Okay, yeah, I was having second thoughts about going back next year since I did so poorly this time, but it’ll be worth it for the pho alone, right?
And hey, don’t forget: I’ll be at the Johnson City Public Library Comic Con this Saturday, 10-4. I’m giving a talk at 10:30. I promise I’ll be ready by then. Hope to see you there!

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