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October Game, part 2/3

We've made it two thirds of the way through the month and I'm not dead! I don't even feel any sense of self-loathing like I usually do! I'm starting to feel tired, especially as I'm also prepping for ACE this week, but I cannot stop. Not yet.

Day twelve: “it will come back”
That’s the title of a Hozier song I’m obsessed with, one which has nothing to do with deserts. I’d just been really wanting to illustrate a desert for a while now, so I based this on the opening shot from Mad Max: Fury Road, where he’s standing next to the Interceptor and the two-headed lizard is there? Yeah. After being disappointed in my two acrylic painting attempts, it felt good to go back to watercolors and realize that hey, I’m okay at this!
This whole month I’m trying not to just go on autopilot and use the skillsets I’ve honed in making comics, so that means trying not to rely so much on line and trying to get stronger with color and value, with shading and rendering.  I didn’t want there to be any strong linework in this, but my value skills aren’t THAT great, so some colored pencils were needed to strengthen the whole thing. 

Day thirteen: “there’s a continual sense of the body as ineffectual protection from the mind”
This is the second piece I’ve done that’s entirely digital. I’ve been wanting to do something where I could effectively illustrate a decent nude figure and then break it up in an interesting way, and Photoshop was the best way to do that. Not a bad self-portrait.

Day fourteen: “your dreams miss you”
I think this title was from a mattress ad in a magazine? I don’t think I’ve been as happy with any previous piece as I am with this one. It’s based off a sketch I did earlier this year for that southern horror comic I keep saying I’m going to do, so I already knew how I wanted it to look. The fact that I managed to execute it, that I knew what to do to achieve what I had in my head leaves me a little astonished. I actually DO know what I’m doing sometimes!

Day fifteen: “I wish I didn’t have to breathe”
With Other Sleep on ComiXology now, I was really wanting to do something with Ninel for the challenge. I’ve been thinking about what she would do after the events of the comic, how she would try to recuperate and what direction she’d take her life in. I think this is her, not long after the comic, just trying to reclaim some sense of peace. I was also thinking about the swimming pool scene in It Follows, so I made Ninel’s swimsuit brown like Maika Monroe’s, and to capture the various blues and greens I looked at pages from A Taste of Chlorine by Bastien Vives.

Day sixteen: “we rely on your simple device”
We’re over the halfway point and I don’t yet hate myself, woo! This is a line from a Useless Eaters song. It didn’t come out quite as simple as I was aiming for, but I’m pretty pleased with these two tokusatsu androids and their Akira-inspired outfits. If I ever do a companion comic to go with Shouting at the Void, it'll probably look something like this, all reds.

Day seventeen: “something only you and I could understand”
I seem to falter a bit every Saturday, don’t I? I had seen Crimson Peak the night before, and loved it, and wanted to do something inspired by it. It was just too cold the next morning to try to sit down and really draw something, though. So I pulled up a photo I took of an abandoned home in Elkmont, from when my girlfriend and I camped out in the Smoky Mountains last year, and…well, this happened. Kind of neat, but not something I'd really want to attempt again maybe.

Day eighteen: “don’t try to solve serious matters in the middle of the night”
That’s a quote from Philip K. Dick, my favorite sci-fi author. I watched this 1932 movie, Doctor X, the first color horror movie, done in two-strip Technicolor. Everything was green and red, basically, and as degraded as the print was in the version I rented on Youtube, it was still gorgeous and I wanted to mimic it. I also tried to take a stab at doing black, heavy shadows like Mike Mignola, since I hardly use black in my work. I don’t think it quite works with how I draw, though.

Day nineteen: “side effects of the universal machinery”
There was a lot of digital work going on in my last few pieces, and I was feeling bogged down, felt like I was starting to lose it a little, so I went back to a traditional approach, inspired by the look of cells seen on a slide under a microscope.

Day twenty: “they do not know how immortal”
I saw Crimson Peak again, and was inspired again, this time by a couple of really unusual, unsettling shots of insects in the movie. So here we have a fly surrounded by twenty ants. Houseflies don’t get that big or hairy, but this one IS immortal. I wanted this piece to fit with the giant frog from the last entry, so I tried to color it in a similar manner.

Day twenty-one: "go confidently in the direction of your abyss"

I lifted the composition for this from a screenshot of the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers, one that I'd saved who knows how long ago. I used the same combination of watercolors and charcoal as when I made day fourteen's piece, but this time it was more of a struggle. For some reason, the painted paper just wouldn't take the marks of my charcoal pencils. I have three or four different kinds of charcoal sticks, accumulated over the years, so I had to mess around and make the piece work with some combination of those. And, well, the scanner didn't seem too fond of this one either. That guy down there? He's climbing. I don't think I got that across quite so well, but it is what it is.

And that's everything. Only ten days to go! 

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