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October Game, part 3/3

The month is over and I am dead, but once again I pulled off a successful 31 days of making new art! I'm over it and ready to go on to other things, so let's go through these real quick...

Day twenty-two: “the unrelenting divergence of the human condition”
I wasn’t on it. Before doing this, I tried and scrapped two or three other different ideas. I had a hard enough time coming up with those ideas in the first place, so I was feeling a little hopeless when I finally made this. That frustration, the desire to just get it done, allowed me to loosen up quite a lot and do something different with the colors. I wonder if I could do something like this again?

Day twenty-three: “that was, more or less, the defining moment”
I didn’t want a repeat of the previous day, and I wanted to do something quick and simple since this was the day before the Asheville Comic Expo, so I had the idea in mind right away. I had learned about the Jellyfish Lake in Palau, and was enamored with a lot of pictures of it on flickr. It ended up being a lot more work, but it was all for the better. I wanted to color it more realistically, but I mistakenly picked a yellow when I started coloring the jellyfish, and the neon, luminescent green result was so striking that I stuck with it. It’s satisfying when a mishap like that ends up working out.

Day twenty-four: “you’d think being a human being was this complex art”
I did this while at the Asheville Comic Expo and still haven’t gotten around to scanning it (I haven't even unpacked my stuff from the con!). This is the first time using markers this month. I based it off of a picture of Lee Marvin that I really like.

Day twenty-five: “you have to go the other way now”
This was my girlfriend’s birthday, and between that, weekend errands, and the previous day’s con, I had kind of forgotten about making some kind of art until later in the afternoon, so this one was pretty quickly put together before the birthday girl got off work. This one’s based on a picture I took of her when we went hiking at the Alum Cave Trail last year in the Smokies.

Day twenty-six: “you’re a different human being to everyone you meet”
More self-portraits! Nine of them! This was one that I really should’ve tried to do a little more planning on before executing, so some of these are better than others. Just like how some aspects of myself are better than others. I guess that means it works.

Day twenty-seven: “I still haven’t washed my hands”
I tried painting with acrylics again. I’m getting better, sort of, but I’m still not so great at drawing hands. It’s extraordinarily messy, but somewhat suitable to the subject and title. 

Day twenty-eight: “it’s not easy to erase your blood”
I’m pleased with the marker colors for this, but those heavy blacks give this a weird pop art feel that wasn’t what I was going for. I really think that they don’t suit the way I draw figures, either. This is also a point where I realize just how exhausted I am, how much it’s weighing on me. It should also be clear by how little I’m writing about these recent pieces.

Day twenty-nine: “I wanted to fall through the floor”
This is the fourth and final digital painting of the month. Not much to say about it. Again: exhaustion weighing on me, and motivation is hard to find. I’m virtually on autopilot with this final stretch.

Day thirty: “it helps me feel human”
I put off doing anything all day, then, not sure of what to do, I flipped through a discarded library book I bought about the discovery of the Luray Caverns in Virginia, an old thing filled with black and white illustrations. Then I busted this thing out, small, really quickly, using only colored pencils.

Day thirty-one: “there is only a silent emptiness spreading infinitely in all directions”
I knew I wanted to use that title for the final day, and this piece came together so well when I worked on it. A good one to end the month on, yes?

And there we are, another successful, draining October Game completed. I'm happy that I can still pull it off, but sheesh, this last stretch felt like such a chore.

So what's next? I'm not completely sure. Girlfriend and I are going on the 15th to check out the North Carolina Comic Con because she wants to meet Gerard Way and I want to scope it out and see if it's worth tabling at in the future. New Year's will be spent in Florida for a wedding and a trip to Disney after that. I'm starting to get that itch to work on comics again, but with that going on I may just hold off until 2016, spend the rest of this year relaxing and doing whatever else I feel like doing. We'll see.

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