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The Next Mutation

I was a little bummed after HeroesCon, yeah, but the Johnson City Public Library Comic Con was rejuvenating. Well, a little bit.
My talk on Cannonball Fist was at 10:30 in the morning, a mere half hour after doors opened. Not ideal. There were maybe a dozen people who came in. I feel like I did terribly, but…who knows? It was an awkward note to start on. I had three slides about inspiration for the comic, design stuff, getting ideas, and after the whole presentation was done and I took questions, the first one was an older man asking where my ideas come from. Arg.
But the rest of the day went great and the library staff treated the guests super well. We got bottled water and pizza, I got to help judge a children’s art contest, and to make up for the lack of drawings done at HeroesCon I did enough sketches to make my arm hurt and convince me to take my sign down for a while. I drew so many mutant portraits!

So many, in fact, that I decided that I should maybe take a break from them altogether. I ran out of ideas pretty fast and just felt like I was repeating myself too much. I’ve felt that way a lot this year doing them. So I think I’ll retire the Beautiful Portraits sign with my girlfriend and her dog on it and put more emphasis on standard commissions of whatever folks want me to draw.
Part of me wants to retire them altogether, but I can’t do that just yet.
On Wednesday I went to the William King Museum of Art to teach a class on mutant self-portraits for their summer camp program. Only one kid showed up this week, which, honestly, took a bit of stress off. I was freaking out the night before, having never taught anything before, but having just one enthusiastic and talented girl made things go pretty smoothly. Here are the ones I did of myself, the bottom left being a quick, sloppy demo I did to show her how I work.
The top one is my first attempt at drawing myself as an android after another teacher came in to join us and decided to do a steampunk cyborg version of himself. Then he brought us Sharpies.
Anyways, here are the two portraits the kid drew of herself. Not too shabby:
Then we drew one of the workers at the museum, my friend Callie, after she made this incredible face.
So yeah, not a bad way to spend the afternoon.
I also received a couple of neat emails during the day. One confirmed that my Gamera Vs Zigra piece was chosen to be included in Hamish Steele’s Gamera Vs Zine-Ra! A Kickstarter for that should go up soon, and I’ll link to it when it happens, but I’m pretty excited to be a part of it!
The other email was from ComiXology. FINALLY. It’s been nearly 4 months since I submitted Other Sleep to them! The comic has been tentatively accepted. The PDF I sent them wasn’t a very good one, so I submitted a higher quality version. FINGERS CROSSED. It shouldn’t take another 4 months for them to respond again, right?
Speaking of Other Sleep! On July 25th from 1-3pm I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble in Johnson City as a guest for part of their pop culture extravaganza. The original plan was to have Other Sleep put into their system to sell, but, um, well, after reviewing it they determined it was too graphic, at least for the event. So now I can jokingly go around telling people that my graphic novel was rejected by Barnes & Noble, ha. I’m still a guest, I just won’t be selling it. Or Burst Reach. I’ll just have Cannonball Fist, Slimepunk, and Shouting at the Void there.
But you know what’s after that? ROB-CON! August 1st and 2nd! It’s going to be awesome!
Eventually I’ll be able to get back to work on Reflected Gaze. Hopefully sooner than later. I’ve got contributions from other folks coming in this month, at least.
Right. Back at it. Too much to do. AWAY.

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